"Accompagner l’apprenant par une formation qui ait du sens et fournir au formateur les éléments-clés d’accompagnement"

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All digital learning solutions. Because everyone’s training needs are different, we offer customized e-learning to allow training individualization. Time saving, adapted pedagogy and personalization of your training are the key words of our solutions.

Serious games

Combining a “serious” intention with playful approach, Serious Games are the perfect way to engage your learners in training by confronting them with situations that are as close to reality as possible.

From simulation to arcade games, we strive to meet your expectations and your business goals through training courses that are both structured and attractive.

Mobile Learning & Web Application Design

We offer you Mobile Learning solutions with customizable, on-demand, fun and interactive courses. This micro-learning approach is done via the mobile application of an LMS (Ilias or Moodle, for example).

Need to create or update a website dedicated to training? We can also meet your needs.


Discover Modsim: an innovative approach to training conception that’s powerful and customizable to enhance your learners’ skills. A step in digital simulation! This personalized service allows the co-design of Serious Games as a learning activity.

Tested and established with the help of two IFSI Sud Francilien and the Léonie Chaptal Foundation, it is also possible to extend it to doctors, pharmacists, emergency doctors, etc… and others industries.


Motion Design

Motion Design allows you to make your training modules fun, short and efficient.

They become more interactive with virtual tutors to guide you during the realization of an e-learning module.

Blended Learning

Blended Learning is the combination of e-learning and traditional face-to-face training.
This allows you to benefit from the advantages of e-learning while maintaining a link with a trainer through conference calls.

The Blended Learning trainings we offer are scientific or regulatory trainings. We have a team of doctors, pharmacists, and trainers specialized in several medical fields.


Digital Learning Consulting

We create your content, deploy it to your learners, evaluate the training results and propose you plan for improvements or next training plan.

Our commitment is to accompany you towards training individualization and efficiency. Thus, we can guide and advise you to meet these expectations.

SynaSim - LMS Plateform

An LMS (Learning Management System) is a software program (also called a platform) that allows you to manage training modules.

Our Synasim platform allows the deployment of these modules and the follow-up of learners. It is linked to Synabank, our digital learning management and analytics tool, which allows for the analysis of learning and provide Business Intelligence information on your training program.


SynaBank - "Digital learning management and analytics"

Synabank is our web tool developed to help training managers on a daily basis. It also allows the automation of daily actions as well as the monitoring of earner behavior through statistics and data analysis. This tool is linked to Synasim, our LMS platform.

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