"Accompagner l’apprenant par une formation qui ait du sens et fournir au formateur les éléments-clés d’accompagnement"


Publisher of content and innovative solutions in digital learning, we address companies and professionals who wish to combine digital and training. We work with a selected network of physicians and pharmacists with recognized expertise in the field of medical training and in their field of expertise.
At Synakène we aim to help you train your learners in a pleasant, economical and efficient way. To do so, we will take advantage of the latest information and communication technologies (ICT) and our ability to offer adapted pedagogies.

Our specializations: health, regulatory, industry and public or private training organizations.

Pedagogical Engineering

(Scriptwriting, scientific writing)

Analysis of your needs in e-learning and serious games for a tailor-made answer. Transformation of your content into an interactive pedagogical scenario composed of real-life situations.

Digital learning management and analytics

We manage the deployment of online training, follow the learners’ progress and analyze its results thanks to our adapted statistical and BI tools.

Project Management

(Experts in agile methods, project engineering, quality monitoring)

Use of agile methods proven in the industry for several years. Concern for transparency and listening to our customers and learners.

Multimedia Engineering

(Expert team in motion design, multimedia and mobile graphics, illustrators)

Our team is trained in the latest multimedia technologies and healthcare novelties specially in regulatory. Our illustrators have skills in digital comics. Our graphic designers and computer engineers design for mobile devices, pc’s and tablets.

Skills Management

(Expertise in talent management and competency frameworks)

We have experience in development and deployment of skills repositories. We are interested in portfolios and developments in talent management.

Scientific Skills

Thanks to our team and network of doctors and pharmacists reviewers, we guarantee reliable content that meets your expectations.

The Team

Our team is composed of dynamic and enthusiastic employees with varied and complementary profiles. Our skills and our Agile project management method from the industry allow us to guarantee you quality services.

Christine Lebreton

Project & business engineering, skills management and general manager

Future Occitan skier

Éric V.

Pedagogical engineer, Master in Political Science and Business Administration, Project Manager

Caffeinated Jedi Master

Élodie D.

Pharmacist, Project Manager

Scientist, budding climber

Flavien F.

IT Manager, Project Manager

Passionate player, mixed fighter

Stéphane R.

Head of the graphic design department, Project manager

Music lover, great connoisseur of Asian dishes

Paul B.

Graphic Designer

Breton, bearded

Gauthier R.

Head of e-training deployment and customer support, Project Manager

Medievalist swordsman, artist

Our commitments

Declaration of Commitments RSE of Synakene

Synakène team is committed to social and environmental responsibility in their activities, and relations with its partners, customers and teams on a daily basis.

Our commitment to RSE responds to deeply rooted values and a consideration of theimplicit expectations of our customers, partners of our ecosystem and our teams. Responsibility, quality and innovation are inseparable for us in taking into account the explicit expectations of our stakeholders.


Since the takeover of the company, actions have been undertaken in this direction and this in a continuous way, our teams ensure this effective commitment, however it is now a question of making them more visible, each of the actors of the company (managers, collaborators, customers, suppliers…) will be able to find an additional reason for satisfaction and perceive the meaning and the spirit of our commitment.

Commitment to People With Disabilities

Thanks to our partners and clients, our teams have the privilege of working on a “disability awareness” project for young people seeking employment and integration. This project has taught us the complexity of taking into account the difficulties of people with disabilities and has led us to think about compensation solutions that can be stimulated in an employment situation.


In fact, this experience has led us to improve our supports in several ways

  • Favour a doubling of voice-overs by text messages (we try to indicate the eligible training courses via a hearing-impaired picto on the relevant training sheets).
  • Favour short, colourful and explicit messages (good practice).
  • Promote solutions that respect difference
  • Our LMS platform supports WCAG 2.1 accessibility standards, they can be activated on customer request.
  • Bringing an attentive ear to the feedback from people with disabilities


We strive to mention in our training sheets and on our software platforms the level of accessibility of our content.

If not, we commit ourselves to answer to the people asking us about the question.

Environmental Commitment

Synakène is pursuing a proactive environmental policy to build a lasting legacy for future generations, with a focus on continuous improvement.


Eager to position ourselves as an eco-responsible player, we are thinking about areas of intervention aimed at controlling and reducing the impact of our activities on the environment.

Among other things, we carry out the following actions:

  • We are working to rationalize our information systems and their use with a view to reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Optimizing our Cloud Platforms: we are working to reduce energy consumption, particularly through server virtualization and the selection of Cloud solutions and hosting providers that share this environmental objective.
  • Target paperless objective.
  • Raising the awareness of the teams to reduce energy consumption, particularly in the standby mode of equipment and the use of consumables.
  • We favour reuse in our daily uses (cups, reusable materials, responsible purchasing).
  • We prefer to use trains, electric vehicles, bicycles or public transport for our trips.


Synakène is committed to equal opportunity practices in terms of access to employment and career development, particularly in the fight against discriminationbased on disability, gender and age.


We are committed to gender equality and inclusion in our teams.


Loyalty, fairness and transparency, openness to diversity: these ethics guide our relationships with all our stakeholders. In order to further secure relations with its partners and suppliers, Synakène is committed to making its employees increasinglyresponsible for fighting all forms of active and passive corruption, preventing insider trading and conflicts of interest, and disseminating sensitive information, through training and through our e-learning courses published on these themes and included in our catalog.